Frequently Asked Question

Interested in applying for a Money Man 4 Cash Advance Program but have some questions?
Below are some common questions regarding Money Man 4 Cash Advance's Money, Marketing, and Money & Marketing Programs.

Does my business qualify for a cash advance?

Merchants must meet the below requirements in order to qualify:

  • You must have a merchant account processing at least $5,000/month in credit card and/or debit card sales from your customers for at least 60 days.
  • You must be current with your landlord (we do perform a landlord verification call) or current with your mortgage if you own the building.
  • You must have at least twelve (12) months left on your lease if you are renting your business location.
  • You can not have any open bankruptcies in the last 2 months

How does Money Man 4 Cash Advance's business cash advance work?
We advance your business up to $500,0000 for each business location against your future credit card sales. The funding amount depends on your needs and your current monthly volume of credit card sales.

Are there any hidden fees when I'm approved for my business cash advance?
There are absolutely NO hidden fees upon approval of your business cash advance!

Will I be denied for a business cash advance if I have bad credit?
Unsecured cash advances are based on future credit card sales not your credit score.

How fast will I receive the funds from my business cash advance?
After being approved for your merchant cash advance you can receive funds in typically 5 days or less.

Is this a small business loan?
No. It's a cash advance against your future credit card sales. Our business cash advance program is the #1 alternative to small business loans.

Where do I apply for my merchant cash advance?
Apply here for Money Man 4 Cash Advance Cash Advance Application

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