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Working Capital - The Best Remedy for Your business
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Merchant Advance Capital - The Best Remedy for Your business

Small and medium businesses in any society play a very vital role for its economic stability. Small business industry needs extra care and require protection from financial services of government and private sectors. As we know that these financial and monetary organizations provide different types of loans for the range of businesses to excel and prosper in their subjective areas. Money Man 4 Cash Advance is one the many service providers who can help building your business by providing loans of any type from traditional small business loan to a fast and easy cash method for instance merchant cash advance, business cash advance and others.

Sometime the owner (merchant) of the business falls into the emergency situation where he requires money urgently and on advance basis, then the merchant cash advance method comes into play. In contrast to the traditional methods merchant cash advance provides you the alternative, through this method an owner (merchant) of the business receive an upfront cash advance payment against credit cards and all other forms of potential electronic processing as a loan.

Beneficial & Flexible

Merchant cash advance program is our distinctive financing program which is not proposed by the banks, leasing companies or the other traditional lenders. We offer this financing program which provides you the working capital in a hurry, normally within a week. As Money Man 4 Cash Advance does not require the owner (merchant) to make fixed payments to merchant cash advance program, the increasing number of small and medium sized businesses opting for our financing program, because of the flexibility it provides.


As we mention that Money Man 4 Cash Advance is not a traditional financial source, it also does not require traditional conditions for applying for merchant cash advance program. If you are running the business for more than 2 months and contains minimum of $5,000 in monthly Visa/MasterCard sales for 60 days, there is an extremely high possibility that we might give you the cash.

No personal guarantee is needed, in fact no tax returns, no liens, no cumbersome fixed loan repayments are required rather we will provide you the cash within 5 days. Money Man 4 Cash Advance Platinum Merchant Cash Advance Program is also available for owners whose credit score is above 640 and doing business for over 6 months.

Money Man 4 Cash Advance Traditional
Merchant Cash Advance Program Requirements:

Since 2007, Money Man 4 Cash Advance has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars to all types of businesses through our Money Man 4 Cash Advance Traditional Merchant Cash Advance Program.

  • You must process at least $5,000/month in credit cards from your customers for at least 60 days.
  • You must process credit cards at least 12 days out of each month.

How it Works?

Since merchant cash advance program is not a loan, there is no fixed amount of payments. Money Man 4 Cash Advance simply buy a set dollar amount of owner’s (merchant) future Visa/MasterCard sales at a discount. Then, through an automated process, we effortlessly collect the set dollar amount by taking a small percentage from each of owner (merchant) future Visa/MasterCard sales. This means we only get paid as quickly as your business allows i.e. the amount that you pay merchant cash advance each month is determined by how well your business achieves. We are true partners in your success.

How Much Financing?

The amount of financing that owner (merchant) qualifies for is based on his monthly Visa/MasterCard sales and his monthly gross (total receipts from all your business transactions) volume. In general, owner (merchant) may qualify for up to 150% of his current average monthly credit card processing could be more in some cases, which lies in $10,000 - $5,000,000 in capital amount.

Need funds in a hurry?

Money Man 4 Cash Advance can typically provide funds in 5 days or less.

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance vs. a Business Loan
  • Very high approval rate, 98% approved
  • release from recent bankruptcy atleast in 60 days
  • Can have upto $150,000 in tax liens
  • Approvals as fast as 24 hours
  • No fixed monthly payments (if your sales slow down, so does the payback of the Advance)


Credibility of the Money Man 4 Cash Advance among the eyes of the business owners is very high, since the year 2007 we are in the financial service market and have given hundreds of millions of dollars to all types of businesses through merchant cash advance Program.