Stock Up Inventory Purchasing.

Our Stock Up Inventory Purchasing Program allows you to buy the inventory you need from your suppliers with no money upfront.
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Stock Up Inventory Purchasing – Always At Your Doorstep

Companies can stock up on inventory to manage uncertainties in the market. These organizations generally build inventory strategies to identify how much inventory to keep on hand at the time of need. The drawbacks of retaining a huge amount of inventory are often stressed, but companies might find it valuable to keep a large inventory account on hand, depending on the situation. Considerate the advantages of holding an enormous amount of inventory may help you find out if it is a policy your company should execute. To handle these huge inventories Money Man 4 Cash Advance offers the Stock Up inventory purchasing program, Stock Up inventory allows your business to obtain the inventory it needs without having to use your own money upfront.


The Stock Up Inventory Purchasing Program is designed for the businesses that require purchasing of the inventory and didn’t have much capital to handle it, this cash advance program allow businesses to purchase inventory using Money Man 4 Cash Advance capital.

How it Works?

With Stock Up Inventory Purchasing program, Money Man 4 Cash Advance operates as a "purchasing liaison" and buys inventory on business owner's behalf from his existing suppliers allowing you to get inventory with no money upfront. We then resell you the inventory and charge a negligible amount of purchasing fee. Through Stock Up Inventory, small-medium sized business owners can now have the equivalent buying power of a retail chain store. Stock Up Inventory Purchasing program also gives owners the benefit of 90 days interest-free plan to sell your inventory that makes us to earn money through charging a small purchasing fee equivalent to a percentage of the inventory.


Handles Uncertainty - Sometimes, external factors influence supply and demand in ways businesses can't anticipate. Businesses with an enormous amount of inventory can properly handle any unpredicted consumer demand. Businesses can also handle any catastrophes with suppliers not succeeding to deliver inventory in a timely manner. For example, a company with a big total of inventory can manage its business normally, if shipment of inventory is delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Receives Quantity Discounts - Businesses may hold large amounts of inventories because it gets discounts when purchasing in bulk, which could save money in future. Businesses that sell raw materials offer trade discounts to the purchasing companies who buy it in large quantities. Receiving discounts on inventory permits companies to gain competitive advantage over pricing, which might increase profitability.


There is no business credit card acceptance requirement for the Stock Up Inventory purchasing program and to become eligible for the program business owners should possess following traits

  • Business owners must be without any open bankruptcy within last 12 months
  • Business owners are obliged to have proof of insurance
  • Business owners must be in running their company for at least 1 year
  • Business owners profit margins must be 25% or higher
  • Business owners minimum monthly gross sales must be at least $20,000

Our StockUp Inventory Purchasing Program allows your business to:

  • Buy inventory with no upfront payments to your suppliers -
    we fund 100% of your purchase
  • Obtain volume discounts and/or early discount for paying cash upfront
  • Increase profit margins
  • No worry about wholesaler minimum order sizes
  • Participate in supplier special offerings that require upfront payment
  • Avoid lost sales from lack of inventory, especially during peak selling seasons
  • Purchase more inventory than your regular cash flow or wholesaler credit may allow
  • Maximize seasonal buying opportunities
  • Take advantage of wholesaler closeouts, overstocks, liquidation, off-season deals, etc.

  • No credit card acceptance at your business is required for this program.


Credibility of the Money Man 4 Cash Advance among the eyes of the business owners is very high, since the year 2007 we are in the financial service market and have given hundreds of millions of dollars to all types of businesses through Stock Up Inventory purchasing Program.

MM4CA came along just in
the nick of time.

I needed money and the business was in a pinch. The paperwork was so quick and easy, I couldn’t believe it. Instead of days or weeks like a bank, it was only a few hours. I would recommend this to any business who is in a tight spot and needs help fast.

Weiss Fruit Market,
Randy Kawkawlin, MI.

I'm impressed with how knowledgeable and professional all the staff was.

They offered me different options for capital and funded me in 4 days. The program works well for my business and me.

Wall-E Bar & Restaurant.
Wally Chin, New York, NY

I have used MM4CA since November 2008.

The company has been easy and enjoyable to work with. This type of funding is different but easy to use. We are a small company but this type of funding fits our needs well.

The Medicine Pharmacy, Amin Amireh,
Cedar Grove, NJ.

Working with MM4CA is easy and painless.

Through their help, I was able to get the extra capital needed to have the best sales quarter I’ve had in four years. The extra capital allowed me to be at ease and focus on sales and profits. Thank you very much MM4CA.

Maria´s New Kitchen, Al Lucero,
Santa Fe, NM.

We are so very pleased with the excellent customer service JJ Guillory has provided to our small business.

In these difficult economic times, it is nice to know that you are working with people you can trust and who have you best interest at heart. JJ fits this description well! Thanks.

Meineke Car Care, Dick Watkins,
Denver, CO.

Thanks to the MM4CA
funding program.

It has proven to be my #1 source for short term funding. I started my business with bad credit, little working capital, and nothing but passion for what I do. Well, banks don’t lend on passion! Even in our fourth year of business, we found it difficult to qualify for even the smallest of bank loans. Thank you for MM4CA considering me more than just a credit score and allowing me to fulfill my dream of owning my own business.

Texas Moon, Wayne Wilhite,
South Padre Isle, TX.

It has never been so easy to get money!

We filled out the application and in less than 2 weeks the money was posted in our account. The best part is, it will be paid off in less than a year! I can also track it online daily. If I have any question, I can call and talk to a person immediately. The company is great. We will use their program again!!!! Thanks so much.

Pendegrass Inc., Angie Pallof, Chaffeef, MO.

Dealing with MM4CA is a sheer delight.

Their concept of cash flow management is outstanding. I highly recommend this company to any business no matter what the nature of the business is. It can make your life that much easier.

Hamlin Cleaners, Jeane Stewart,
Lafayette, CA.

MM4CA got my shop funded right away.

They allowed me to purchase the diagnostic equipment my shop needed now for repair of expensive European cars. Now all repairs are done in-house and there is no need to send out to the dealers for repairs. Thanks MM4CA.

Automister, Ron Alcoriza, Stockton, CA.

We were very nervous before inquiring.

Time was of the essence. It Felt good working with a reliable company. They funded me very fast, always returned phone calls and their Customer Service was excellent!

Dr. Michael Pugh,
Lexington, KY.


We were very nervous before inquiring. Time was of the essence. It Felt good working with a reliable company. They funded me very fast, always returned phone calls and their Customer Service was excellent!

Dr. Michael Pugh,
Lexington, KY.